Дата 11.01.18

The role of Igor Yankovsky in the political, social and economic life of Ukraine

the-role-of-igor-yankovsky-in-the-political-social-and-economic-life-of-ukraineIgor Yankovsky is not only a successful Ukrainian entrepreneur, but also a patron, known all over the world, whose main task is to help in the onset of peace in the country, in the development of business, in the popularization of science and so on. In recent years, Igor Yankovsky has committed many good deeds – the entrepreneur never tires of organizing exhibitions of young artists and other young Ukrainian talents in order to convey to adults the truth expressed by children through paintings and other works of art.

Maecenas is sure that for the restoration of peace in the country both politicians and ordinary people need to listen to the smallest inhabitants of the country, calling to live without anger, hatred and a thirst for revenge. This message can be easily traced in children’s paintings, which were presented not only in Kiev, but also in other countries of the world at international exhibitions of children’s drawings devoted to the world in Ukraine.

Maecenas never tires of looking for new and effective ways of developing domestic science and economic growth. That is why Yankovsky organized a project whose goal is to bring together both young businessmen and investors. Scientists offer their projects in the form of presentations when potential investors choose the most suitable options for successful investment. The entrepreneur also finances the filming of short films produced domestically (shot by young Ukrainian filmmakers), who call on the people to peacefully resolve the conflict in the country.